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All Natural Healing Tonic | Deeply Repair Your Energy Centers

This soothing blend of pharmaceutical grade essential oils will help balance and deeply heal your energy centers.  The jade crystal roller provides a sense of warmth and acceptance during application.  Ideal for connecting deeper into yourself and promoting emotional healing and balance.  Great for travel and at home daily use.  This can be used daily as support for your energy and  emotions.   For self care practices this oil can be used as support for healing deeper issues and trauma.


DIRECTIONS |  Wear the same way you would wear perfume daily for healing. To deepen your self care practice & heal your chakra centers anoint pulse points of wrist, behind the ears, and each of the seven main chakras. Then roll into hands and inhale as needed.


INGREDIENTS |  Pharmaceutical grade bergamot, frankincense, gulab mukhallat and ginger essential oils in a base of all natural jojoba oil.  All natural jade crystal roller.

Ginger Jade Rose | Healing Tonic

  • MADE WITH INTENTION  |  These oil blends are handmade in small batches in Los Angeles with the highest grade essential oils. All blends are infused with Reiki Energy to amplify their healing abilities.  Additionally, the crystals and essential oils each tonic blend are specifically curated to further amplify the desired energy.  The 10 ml bottle size makes it easy to travel with, so you can be  more consistent and intentional with your oils everyday. 


    SUPERIOR QUALITY |  The oils used our tonic blends are excellent for your skin and antimicrobial.  Don’t be shy about using on your skin or face as they are very nourishing and will not clog your pours.  All of our oils are produced by small artisan distillers who produce essential oils for the sole purpose of therapeutic use, many are wild harvested or hand grown on small farms or plantations, with great care.


    HIGH INGREDIENT STANDARDS |  Our quality level of essential oils can not be found in corporate health food stores or big online retail suppliers. We have long term personal relationships with all our artisans and small distillers ensuring  purity and pharmaceutical grade of all oils. We do not offer oils that have been mass produced for the commercial market. In many cases, there is only enough of these essential oils produced to supply a limited number of customers annually.


    10 ML Bottle Size

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