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 P O L I C I E S 


Services are by appointment only and payable by Paypal, Venmo, check, cash and credit card. Payment is required in full before all scheduled Distance Sessions.

*An additional $25 charge will be assessed for every additional 15 minutes, or any portion thereof, over the scheduled length of time allocated for your session.


You may arrive late, however, your session will end on time. If you know you will be late kindly contact Stephanie letting her know the status of your arrival time. If you do not arrive within 15 minutes of your scheduled appointment time, you will be deemed a "No Show" and will be charged a $50 late fee.  Please note, that even though you arrive late your session will end on time as per your scheduled appointment time and the full rate of the session will be applied. This allows Stephanie to keep a timely calendar honoring the schedules of others.



Stephanie  understands that life happens and unplanned issues come up necessitating canceling a scheduled appointment. When this happens, Stephanie respectfully requests canceling your appointment within 24-hours of your scheduled appointment time. Stephanie values everyone and this policy enables her to provide optimum availability and appointment times to best serve the needs of all of her clients, new and established. When a client doesn't show up for a scheduled appointment it means that another client has lost the opportunity to be seen at that time.  As a result, a fee of $50.00 will be assessed if your appointment is not cancelled within a 24-hour period.  


If you do not arrive within 15-minutes of your scheduled appointment, you will be deemed a "no show" forfeiting the $50.00 Confirmation Fee and your appointment time UNLESS you've called per the Late Arrival policy. If you are late, your session will end on time to respect the time of Stephanie and those with other scheduled appointments. If you'd like to schedule another appointment with Stephanie you will be required to remit another Confirmation Fee for which the same terms apply.  This is also done in lieu of charging you the full session fee. 


Hollywood, Los Angeles

Stephanie sees clients and teaches at Baer Healing located in Colombia Square in Hollywood at the Hollywood Proper Building  Built on the grounds of the old CBS studios : This is the place where science and art met, fell in love and said, “I do.”


1550 N El Centro Ave

Unit 805 

Hollywood, CA 90028


Pull into the Valet & tell them you are here for Unit 805. Your parking will be validated

** Located at the corner of El Centro & Selma Ave.  Valet Enterance is off of El Centro.**

Old town, pasadena

Stephanie sees clients and teaches at the Integrative Wellness Instutute located in beautiful Old Town Pasadena at the historic Livery & Stables Building located at The Livery & Stables building was where the horses for the historic Castle Green Hotel were stabled.  


101 East Green Street

Suite 4,

Pasadena, Ca 91105. 


There is free 90 minute parking at the Schoolhouse Parking Garage located at 33 East Green Street, Pasadena, Ca 91105. 

** Sometimes the GPS drops you off down the street from the building.  If you are having trouble, map to the Dog Haus, whose back patio is right near the enterance to the building **

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