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I N T U I T I O N  + C O N N E C T I O N

Connect and open your third eye and crown chakras, this candle will strengthen the connection to your natural intuitive nature by clearing blockages within the mind and spirit.  Release old  patterns and emotional scars unveiling your true connectedness and divine nature. Recharge your energy by returning to a place of knowing and certainty while navigating your daily life. balance your mind, spirit and heart to step into your personal power.  Promotes working with the white light to heal, balance and amplify psychic abilities. Candles are scented with 100% all natural essential oils, and dressed with crystals inside. 


Hand Poured All Natural Coconut Wax


Aromatherapy : Lavender & Lemongrass Essential Oils

Crystal Therapy : Rose Quartz, Amethyst & Clear Quartz


Lavender Quartz

    • Made with 100% coconut wax & essential oils — simply NO synthetic fragrances or perfumes
    • GMO Free† 
    • 100% unbleached cotton & Lead-Free wick
    • Hand-poured in small batches
    • Recycled 16 oz. glass jar is easy to reuse when you’re done — makes a great art supply holder, milk (or wine!) tumbler, vase, votive, and more
    • Non-toxic for you and your family
    • Not tested on animals. No animal by-products.
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