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All Natural Exercise + Energizing Mist

This high vibrational blend of pharmaceutical grade essential oils and hydrosols are expertly combined to help enhance your exercise experience.  The clear quartz crystals inside will help stimulate openness and cleanse your mind body connection.  Best if used as support before or after exercise.  Can also be used to clean yoga or exercise mats.


All of the oils and hydrosols used in our mists are excellent for your skin and antimicrobial. Don’t be shy about spraying your face, skin, using as a toner or sleeping on your pillow after spraying. This mist will improve the balance and tone of your skin while you sleep  as well as keep your pillow cases more sanitary in between washes.


This spray is a wonderful bedtime ritual that promotes true relaxation and has a multitude of benefits both physically and emotionally.   The 2 oz bottle size makes it easy to travel with, so you can be  more consistent with your sleep habits despite your busy schedule. 


DIRECTIONS |  Spray the same way you would perfume to refresh your energy + lightly mist face as a toner. Also use as a yoga or exercise mat spray before and after working out. Shake before use.


INGREDIENTS |  Pharmaceutical grade tea tree, lavender, frankincense, peppermint and lemongrass essential oils. certified organic witch hazel hydrosol.  All natural clear quartz crystals inside. 


2oz Bottle Size

Lemongrass Quartz | Energy Mist

  • MADE WITH INTENTION  |  These mist blends are handmade in small batches in Los Angeles with the highest grade essential oils and hydrosols. All blends are infused with Reiki Energy to amplify their healing abilities.  Additionally, the crystals and essential oils each tonic blend are specifically curated to further amplify the desired energy.  The 2 oz bottle size makes it easy to travel with, so you can be  more consistent and intentional with your oils everyday. 


    SUPERIOR QUALITY |  The oils + hydrosols used our spray mists are excellent for your skin and antimicrobial.  Don’t be shy about using on your skin or face as they are very nourishing and will not clog your pours.  All of our oils are produced by small artisan distillers who produce essential oils for the sole purpose of therapeutic use, many are wild harvested or hand grown on small farms or plantations, with great care.


    HIGH INGREDIENT STANDARDS |  Our quality level of essential oils cannot be found in corporate health food stores or big online retail suppliers. We have long term personal relationships with all our artisans and small distillers ensuring  purity and pharmaceutical grade of all oils. We do not offer oils that have been mass produced for the commercial market. In many cases, there is only enough of these essential oils produced to supply a limited number of customers annually.


    2oz Bottle Size

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