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You will deepen your ability to perform Reiki sessions on people and animals, receive an attunement to two Reiki symbols, learn how to perform Distance Reiki, learn how to do space clearings, perform past life healings, karma healing and soul fragment retrievals; and many other topics as well as attunement to the Reiki 2 symbols.

Usui Reiki II Class

    • Private Intuitive Reiki treatment by Stephanie

    • Private guided energy harmonization meditation (recorded for your future personal use)

    • Private guided meditation to connect with your Divine Spirit Guides (recorded for your future personal use)

    • Learn proper protocol for how to work on others

    • Creating sacred space

    • How to perform past life healings

    • How to perform a space clearing/house blessing

    • How to use a pendulum

    • Energy hygiene

    • Learn two Reiki 2 symbols

    • Sacred attunement ceremony to two Reiki symbols with intuitive spiritual message from Stephanie

    • Learn how to perform Distance Reiki to send Reiki anywhere to anyone or animal in the world

    • How to provide Reiki to a situation: either past, present or future

    • How to work with animals, children and geography/Mother Earth

    • How to design a crystal grid with Reiki

    • Learn how to perform Reiki in hospice and hospital settings

    • Accredited certificate in Usui Reiki Level 2

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