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m i s s i o n 

I am a firm believer in energetically protecting each soul I work with during a healing while accessing energy from the purest and highest sources and honoring your freewill at all times. I promise to hold a space of unconditional love negating judgements and to Interpret intuitive information as purely, accurately, and as truthfully as received. 

Even as spiritual beings we all live and function currently in this physical world, I am dedicated to heal, empower and help each soul find their purpose and peace as they navigate the ups and downs through life.  

m y   j o u r n e y 

As a natural intuitive empath and Clairvoyant, much of my healing experience has been understood through my own physical body and the art of movement. My earliest intuitive experiences began at the age of 6 when I started studying Ballet and this was where I first  Clairvoyantly saw colored streams of energy that were produced from movement.  I also have memories of connecting to deceased loved ones at that time, without really realizing how "out of the box" those types of experiences were.  All of my developing years were spent studying the physicality of my body and learning how to fine tune each tendon, muscle and bone for movement.  Though that period  I had my own understanding of energy  having several out of body or "Magical" experiences but I kept it to myself relying on my skills mostly to heal my own physical body when the wear and tear became to strenuous.  I can recall several times where I would have a significant strain on some part of my body and a traditional western doctor would tell me to "Stop dancing" for 6-8 weeks. Now I understand that is not bad advice, however that wasn't actually an option for me at the time.  This is when I started to heavily dive into eastern medicine practices, and my own self healing abilities.  And this would always allow me to get back on my feet with in one week, instead of months.   Now with over 20 years of dance experience and 10+ years as a professional, my life long study of the Mind Body Connection has deepened immensely and evolved from me healing myself to empowering and healing others.

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