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 i n t u i t i v e   r e i k i  

Reiki helps remove energetic blocks within the mind, body and spirit promoting wellness, harmony and stress reduction. Clearing and aligning one's channels to feel emotionally and physically more at ease is the goal for these sessions. Stephanie evaluates clients upon arrival both verbally and with a scan of their aura for emotional and or physical issues. She then tailors each client's session to their individual needs by using a combination of sound therapy, crystal grids, sacred herbs, aroma therapy and the practical application of traditional Reiki symbols. Each session allows time for processing after the Reiki energy is complete. Often times Stephanie offers tools to continue your chakra balancing at home. Many clients feel "lighter" and notice an immediate shift in their emotional state and leave feeling more positive and balanced.  

 P o s t  S e s s i o n 

* Practice Self Care 

* Hydrate
* Go for a brisk walk outside in nature, meditate, take a nap
* Take an epsom salt bath
* Eat if you are hungry- listen to your body.
* Reflect, pay attention to how you are feeling and what is coming up
* Enjoy your restored energetic mind, body and soul

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