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crystal reiki therapy


crystal reiki therapy sessions blend the healing benefits of crystals, reiki and sacred geometry to give you a blissful harmonizing experience!

During your Crystal reiki session the crystal synergizes with the energy of the human being to provide balance, harmony and healing.  We need crystals provide healthy, rich mineralized soil to grow food, support the biological health and functioning of the human body, mineralized water provides optimum balance and health for not only humans, but animals, plants, trees, all life on this water planet. We know though taxonomy that every life form on Earth is classified as a member of a kingdom, order, phylum, species, etc.  Crystals, minerals, gems, rocks and other geological formations are considered organic living organisms having inherent therapeutic healing properties supporting all life on this planet.

the ancient Egyptians used crystals for healing their sacred temples.  A quartz watch uses quartz crystals to keep time. Transistor radios and other devices use crystals to transmit signals, connect with the geomagnetic of the earth, receive information from satellites and to receive and transmit other electro magnetics, waves, and frequencies.  Your body is able to do the same: receive the frequencies emitted from the crystals. 

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 1 hour session - in person
+ 1 Personally Programmed Crystal

During your Crystal Reiki session the energy of the crystal synergizes with the energy of the human being to provide balance, harmony and healing. During your Crystal Reiki Therapy session Stephanie creates a unique crystal grid for you to support your energy systems and crystals will be respectfully placed around your body to provide you with an optimum Crystal Reiki Therapy experience. Empaths typically enjoy a Crystal Reiki Session because the gentle energies of the crystals combined with the gentleness of Reiki provides a synthesis of comfort, support and balancing. This  Session includes a substantive, special, cleansed and Reiki-charged crystal to take home with you to support your spiritual health and wellbeing.


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