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shamanic reiki therapy


Free yourself from inner trauma and stress. Step into your greatest self!

  • Have you lost faith in Life? Yourself? in god?

  • Have you suffered any kind of traumatic event?​

  • Are you a survivor of Sexual Trauma?

  • Have you had a relationship or situation where you feel like you lost your power?

  • Do you feel plagued by negativity?​

  • Do you feel unloved?

  • Are you suffering?​

  • Do you have suicidal thoughts?

  • Do you self-sabotage?​

  • Are you a relative of an alcoholic by blood or marriage? Were you in a relationship with one?

  • Do you live in fear?

  • Do you feel drained? Are you confused? Are you stuck?

  • ​Are you ready to get your life back?

  • Do you want to feel connected to yourself and have hope in life again?​​

  • Do you suffer from anxiety or depression on a daily basis?

if you've answered  yes to any of the above questions then Shamanic Reiki can help you .  When someone experiences a traumatic event or severe emotional upset soul loss and a loss of core energy can occur.  A soul loss or energy loss means that an aspect of yourself and your consciousness has splintered off from your WholeBeing.  Have you ever known someone who endured a trauma of some sort whether it be a relationship, accident, or some other unexpected situation or suffering situation and they seemed different from who they were before the event? Did they lose their sparkle?  Sometimes those who've experienced any kind of trauma - even a bad breakup or divorce can become stunted and seem like they just can't move on.  Or, sometimes they begin engaging in destructive and unhealthy behavior due to feeling lost, confused, stuck and suffer not knowing what else to do to move forward or "get over it." Most of us know someone who's suffering from an addiction, making reckless life choices, or have unhealthy relationships and a shamanic reiki ceremony can help reclaim lost parts of themselves which essentially means - help get their power back to live the life they've come to live.  It's not necessary to remain in a constant state of suffering, self sabotage, or to live an unhappy life.

Shamanic Reiki sessions with Stephanie engage Soul Time bridging aspects of your consciousness into the NOW - time/dimension/space continuum, to find your Power animal, reclaim parts of your soul or soul fragments that have been lost due to trauma or when you either consciously or unconsciously gave away your power in relationships or situations. 

The shaman journeys  through the time-space continuum to retrieve and heal (heal=balance) that part of the soul consciousness and hold space to reintegrate it back into the WholeBody consciousness, allowing the person to feel more whole, more complete, more conscious and united with their True Authentic Self.  This process will transmute, clear, remove denser energies related to karmic trauma, energy structures, belief systems and congested energy stored in the cellular memories and consciousness adversely  impacting your overall well-being.  Shamanic Reiki Ceremonies may bring forth innate healing abilities and gifts to support your personal expansion and growth.  Stephanie will journey to find any soul pieces or fragments that you have have lost, provide healing to them and reintegrate them so you may feel more empowered and more whole.  She may also journey to help you connect with your Power Animal or Spirit Animal to support your growth in life and to strengthen your personal power to live the life you desire.

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Shamanic Reiki
 1 hour session - in person

Soul loss or energy loss means that an aspect of yourself and your consciousness has splintered off from your WholeBeing.  During Shamanic Reiki Sessions Stephanie can retrieve aspects of a soul consciousness that's been lost, crippled or stuck in time. These sessions greatly benefit those who've been suffering due to PTSD, anxiety or depression. As well as those who experience the overshadowing of denser/negative energies, relationships, and or thought patterns.  Shamanic Reiki Ceremonies may bring forth innate healing abilities and gifts to support your personal expansion and growth.  Stephanie works multi-dimensionally, always honoring your Free Will and sacred nature, to provide comfort and support. 


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